May 16, 2016

2016 Kit Outreach Day
Watch Video [HERE]

Today we went out on our first Kit Outreach Day of the year. We have been trying since February, but due to freezing temps and illness this was the first time a bunch of us were able to get out. We took 40 kits with us (18 gender neutral, 17 men, and 5 women kits), 23 baseball hats, a case of 24 pack water (generously donated by Michelle Eyman), 30 juice boxes (donated by Tyler Martyn), 25 knapsacks/tote bags, 12 tarps, 113 food items (granola bars, gummies, bear paws, etc.), 9 rain ponchos, and 5 milk bag mats and pillows generously donated by Michael’s Milk bags.

We had some people stop and stare at us and a few people even asked us what we were doing. While waiting for the train in Oshawa, a young girl (maybe 7 years old) came up to me more