Crisis Relief

“Your willingness to give and help a family you don’t know makes them realize what real kindness looks like and helps them to strive for it.” – Crisis Relief recipient

The Rose Quest helps families who have recently gone through a crisis or traumatic event. Individuals and families (or others on their behalf) contact the Quest for aid in the event of a crisis (eg. House fire, flood, health crisis, etc.). We understand that when a crisis strikes, not only are the victims unprepared, but they also may have limited funds during their recovery period. By providing free hygiene products, we alleviate some of the immediate financial stress on limited resources at a traumatic time in individuals’ lives.

Recuperating from trauma can be overwhelming, and some donations are more helpful than others in the early stages of recovery. After speaking to several families that we have assisted over the years about their experiences in the aftermath of a fire, we have compiled a list of what is helpful and what is not when people are trying to rebuild their lives.


  • NEW and CLEAN clothes and shoes, and any accessories needed depending on season that are size appropriate for the individuals.
  • If there are pets: leashes, pet food.
    If there are babies: diapers, wipes, formula, bottles etc.
  • Small laundry packs to wash laundry in hotel sinks, or bottles of laundry detergent and coins for coin laundry.
  • Gift cards to local restaurants or fast food establishments.
  • Gift cards to Walmart, Giant tiger etc. to buy temporary or emergency items while awaiting insurance.
  • School supplies for children and fun activities such as drawing/colouring items, card games, books.


  • USED clothes that are dirty and are not appropriate size.
  • Used socks and underwear.
  • Cookware/kitchen appliances
  • Furniture
  • Baking supplies, condiments, bulk pantry etc.