May 22, 2017

2017 Kit Outreach Day
Yesterday was our Kit Outreach Day. Unfortunately over half of our volunteers had to opt out due to work, sickness etc. at the last minute. So it came down to myself, my sister Jules, and our dear friend Michelle.

We took with us:
– 20 kits
– over 100 pieces of food (gummies and bear paws)
– 12 pack case of small water
– 10 knapsacks/bags
– 1 sleeping bag
– 14 baseball hats
– 3 reusable water bottles/coffee cups.
– 10 tarps.
– 6 McDonald’s free drink coupons.

We did our usual square around Union Station and were able to find 4 people. One man was sitting on the corner of Front street already completely soaked from the rain. He chuckled when we offered him water, looking up at the sky. Despite the weather, he was incredibly grateful to take everything we offered him.
We headed up Spadina and were walking through Chinatown. We found a more